Monday, May 09, 2005

Nadia Piave — Voice

Nadia will be teaching baroque vocal techniques at the 2005 Workshop.

Nadia has studied voice in Sydney and in Italy. Nadia graduated from Sydney University with a Master of Performance in 1999. In 1997 Nadia was awarded the Frederick May Foundation Scholarship for further study in Italy. She has participated in master classes with Howard Crook, Graham Pushee, Andrew Lawrence-King, Rinaldo Alessandrini, Marco Longhini, Cristina Miatello and Claudine Ansermet. Nadia performs regularly with some of Sydney’s finest baroque ensembles including Salut! and is a member of the 16th century group Trio Bassano. Nadia also performs with Glenn Amer as the Opera/Comedy duo Cosi Fun Tutti Frutti!. Nadia holds a part-time teaching position at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.


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