Monday, December 12, 2005

Emily Baines — Recorder

Emily will be teaching recorder and ensemble techniques at the 2006 workshop.

Commencing postgraduate study in 2001 at the Royal Conservatorium, The Hague, The Netherlands, Emily studied recorder with Dorothea Winter, singing with Thea van der Putten & Gerda van Zelm. She also had a particular focus on recorder consort playing, early music theory & aesthetics with Peter van Heyghen. She has performed widely around The Netherlands as part of the acclaimed Fiori Consort. Emily has also performed in masterclasses for Kees Boeke, Gerd Lüneberger, Eric Menzel, Paul Hillier and Peter Holtslag. Previously Emily studied with Alan Davis in her native Birmingham, performing professionally with period theatre companies, Ex Cathedra and as a session musician for BBC Radio. As a student at Hull University she continued to perform widely on period instruments with various early music ensembles including numerous solo performances as part of the Beverly Early Music Festival. In 2001 she was also awarded the Mrs Sunderland prize for solo performance and the University Prize for Music. Emily continues to perform throughout The Netherlands and the UK.


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